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"I want clients to feel like they've spent an hour or three hours with somebody who really cares about them- that really cares about their family and their happiness, but who also cares about the way that they feel."

Leigh is an esteemed salon owner with an unwavering passion for the artistry of hair. Her career has been meticulously crafted from the very foundations of the beauty industry, commencing with a pivotal role at the front desk of a prestigious hair salon. Leigh's evolution from assistant to apprentice, apprentice to stylist, and now salon owner reflects her commitment to honing her skills from the ground up. This hands-on approach has not only sharpened her technical prowess but has also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the harmonious interplay of skills required to curate an exceptional salon environment.

What distinguishes Leigh is her unyielding dedication to the art of hairdressing and her fervent belief in the significance of a holistic salon experience. Leigh envisions herself as a curator of beauty and a facilitator of confidence. Her discerning eye for trends, innate sense of style, and commitment to continuous education ensure that each guest under her care remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving beauty industry.

Leigh's passion for creating seamless blondes and dimensional colors of all varieties is not just a skill; it's an art form.  With over a decade of experience specializing in hair extensions, Leigh has continuously sought advanced education and training to provide the highest standard of hair care. After extensive research and attending various classes, she discovered Invisible Bead Extensions, which surpassed her expectations for education and hair care. Leigh has just finished her first level of training with IBE. Whether you seek a radiant blonde transformation or the allure of dimensional hues, Leigh's artistic touch will delight and amaze.

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